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Letter: Consider the consequences of destroying environment

Consider the consequences of destroying environment

Right on, President Trump! I see where he and his Republican children (the ones in Congress) will now reverse the Stream Protection Rule. That ought to bring the coal mining jobs back. And if the people drink poisoned water, too bad. Survival of the fittest, baby. We all know that Flint matter was simply a communist, er, North Korean plot anyway. It won’t really happen in my America.

I just can’t wait for the new Environmental Protection Agency guy to start destroying the time-honored protections to the environment. Bald eagles? Too bad, don’t eat tainted fish. Polar bears on an ice floe hundreds of miles from shore? Sink or swim, bears. That’s what we have zoos for. Prairies? Plow ’em under. Want fresh air? Go to a park, there’s plenty.

We need to let Trump and the Republicans decide what’s best for the country. They love us and want us to be happy, you know. It’s time to let the forces of progress do what they want – cut, plow, pillage, rape the land, poison the well and have no regard for God’s green Earth. After all, it’s our Earth now. And if I want to rip her gifts from her womb till they’re gone, I’m in charge now. Shut up and get out of the way, you tree-hugging trouble-makers. As I say, survival of the fittest, baby. Isn’t that what’s best for America?

Not really.

George McNally


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