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Letter: Consider adaptive reuse for Elmwood Village plan

Consider adaptive reuse for Elmwood Village plan

Chason Affinity is the developer that wants to demolish 12 homes at the corner of Elmwood and Forest avenues. Its forte is building affordable housing complexes and apartment buildings. It is also known for student housing, such as Collegiate Village in Cheektowaga.

The Elmwood Village is known for 100-year-old homes that are used for residential and sometimes small businesses within the homes, which has earned them a place on the state and federal registrars.

Chason does not understand that we are a serious group of people who respect the unique character of the Elmwood Village.

Chason is capable of renovations and remodeling work. For example, it was willing to redo and repair the Kensington Village, now known as Collegiate Village, in Cheektowaga.

We are under the threat of losing a very important part of the Elmwood Village for such ordinary ideas and the demolition of 12 homes.

Chason is capable of adaptive reuse but refuses to even contemplate such a project for the Elmwood Village. By implementing adaptive reuse, it would preserve the historic fabric of the Elmwood Village and give Chason Affinity a high standing with the residents and the people who come to visit.

Sandra Girage


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