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Letter: The Pegulas have been a godsend for Buffalo

The Pegulas have been a godsend for Buffalo

When I think about the fanfare with which Terry and Kim Pegula arrived in Buffalo, it’s hard to believe in only a few short years they have become so villainized. I remember so many things that it is hard to believe we are talking about years, and not months, because it feels like yesterday.

I remember a crumbling parking lot sitting where the HarborCenter now sits. I remember a football team playing home games in Toronto. I remember an entire city piecing together an identity, one which, without the Pegulas, would not be One Buffalo.

Is there room for improvement in Pegulaville? You bet. Are there questions that need to be answered? Absolutely. Could things be a whole lot worse? You better believe they could!

Just remember how close we all were to losing our beloved teams, and thank these people because many, many communities would love to have Terry and Kim right about now.

Let’s ask Oakland, St. Louis or San Diego, or any number of cities with disposable family income that exceeds ours, about next football season and what they are looking forward to. We should be thankful we have teams to agonize over.

Chris Martoche


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