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Letter: Dedicated nurses are glue that holds it all together

Dedicated nurses are glue that holds it all together

As National Nurses Day approaches on Saturday, I’d like to mention one of the words I use to describe my fellow hospital nurses: glue. I know there are many employees, and they all have important jobs. Some are behind the scenes, some have indirect contact, but their jobs affect the patients. The nurses, however, are the glue.

We have a connection with every department and member of the team. We bring the multiple aspects of care together every minute of every hour of every day. We have some type of bond with everything our patients will experience. We work as individuals who are coherent. We see a lot, we do a lot, we know a lot, we care a lot, we cry and come back for more. Like glue, we stick together to keep it together for those who need us – which is everyone.

Happy National Nurses Day, my comrades. United we stand!

Claire L. Maloney, BNS, RN

WCHOB, 1975 to present


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