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Jerry Sullivan's Power Take: Baseball's power surge shows no signs of stopping

The Minnesota Twins set a Target Field record by hitting six home runs Tuesday night. That included a moon shot by Miguel Sano that traveled an estimated 466 feet and landed in the center-field restaurant. Waiter, there's a baseball in my soup!

The Yankees and Rangers hit five dingers apiece Tuesday. Aaron Judge, fresh off tying the rookie record for homers in April, hit two more, giving him an MLB-leading 12. In all, there were 45 bombs in 15 games, pushing the MLB average to 1.18 homers per team per game through 790 games. The record for a full season is 1.17, set in 2000 at the height of the steroid era.

So baseball's power surge, which saw home runs increase by a staggering 34 percent from 2014 to 2016, shows no signs of abating. Just wait until the weather heats up. I'm predicting that the home run rate reaches 1.20 by the time the season is through. Meanwhile, strikeouts, which increased for the 11th straight season a year ago, are up again -- from 8.03 (the all-time record) to 8.17 per game.

It's no surprise. Batters are looking to go deep these days, and whiffs are just part of the deal.

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