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City Hallways (May 3) Council hears complaints about city bus service

Strong-arm tactics?

The Common Council is serious about getting its point across.

At a committee meeting last month, apparently some bus riders were critical of the NFTA, particularly about how hard a time they were having getting to and from work.

Some complained they have to take two different buses and allow about 90 minutes in each direction, said North District Councilman Joseph Golombek.

The committee decided to call for some of the money from the Buffalo Billion to be used toward making bus routes more accessible, Golombek said.

But the thing is, Council members do not have any say in how the money is used.

But they do have a voice.

"We can use our bully pulpit," he said. "The hope is with the Buffalo Billion coming here that they would listen to us… Probably if anybody speaks for the will of the people, it's the Council."

Representatives from the NFTA have been invited to an upcoming transportation committee meeting for a chat.

"We just want to work with the NFTA because… if suddenly $10 million fell into NFTA's lap, maybe that could help them improve transportation here," Golombek said.

A special visitor coming to next Common Council meeting

Rev. Al Warner is as common a sight at the Common Council's business meetings as the council members themselves.

As the Common Council's chaplain, he opens up each session with a little story, a scripture reading and prayer.

But at the next meeting on May 16, a special guest will step in to handle the duties.

Bishop Richard J. Malone will give the invocation, Warner announced at yesterday's meeting.

Spring cleaning

Roll up your sleeves and get ready for some dirty work.

The Seneca Babcock Block Club is hosting a community cleanup on Saturday.

Volunteers are to meet at the Community Center 1168 Seneca St. at 9 a.m. for coffee and juice.

Hot dogs and pop will be served after cleanup.


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