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Alan Pergament: Twitter is TV's best new time-saving channel

My new favorite TV channel is…. Twitter.

Through links sent by followers, it allows me to see things that I forget to DVR and to go to bed early to see things that haven't aired yet.

For example, I forgot to DVR Saturday night's Samantha Bee special on TBS, "Not the White House Correspondents' Dinner" that aired opposite the real correspondents' dinner on C-Span (which I did record).

But Twitter saved me. Links were posted of several of the skits, which enabled me to see Will Ferrell reprise his old "Saturday Night Live" act as President George W. Bush. Ferrell had me at hello as Bush when he asked if he was missed now, an obvious reference to the present occupant of the White House. The whole bit of several minutes was the funniest I've seen of Ferrell in years.

On Monday night, a Twitter link also enabled me to see a portion of Stephen Colbert's latest humorous attack on the current occupant of the White House hours before "The Late Show" aired on CBS. Colbert clips air before every show, which usually enables me to go to bed early.

If you wonder why CBS would post a link before the show even aired at 11:35 p.m., I'm exhibit A.

The brief clip shown served as a promo, inspiring me this time to stay up and watch the entire opening monologue to see if the attack would actually air. It was so devastating that there was the potential for severe editing.

It sure did air as part of about 15 minutes of insults directed at President Trump. It started with several fat jokes and included an invented crude word suggesting we are being ruled by a would-be dictator and another word that had to be bleeped out.

It was such a devastating attack that it wouldn't be shocking if the attack would lead to Colbert's tax return being audited.

Colbert's attack was partially a response to a weekend interview with President Trump by "Face the Nation" host John Dickerson. The late night host showed a clip of Dickerson gently but repeatedly asking Trump if he stood by his claims that President Obama wiretapped him at Trump Tower and that Obama was a "bad" and "sick" guy.

It was hard to imagine any reporter being more respectful than Dickerson in trying to get an answer. Trump finally cut him off and said that was the end of the interview and proceeded to go to his desk and shuffle some papers. The scene cried out for humor and Colbert provided it.

The Trump presidency continues to be the best thing to happen to Colbert, whose attacks on him have led to a ratings surge.

As Trump continues to make statements about dictators that shock his own staff and send tweets that shock history teachers, Colbert appears to be on the right side of history. He is repeatedly satirizing a president who just as repeatedly illustrates he has no grasp of history to the delight of comedians.

I did remember to DVR "Live with Kelly" Monday morning to see Kelly Ripa introduce Ryan Seacrest as her new co-host. I watched the first 30 minutes.

Ripa's choice after about a year of tryouts almost remained a secret up until the 9 a.m. program aired. But I read about it on Twitter about an hour before the show aired, which ruined the suspense.

I did laugh when Ripa delayed the announcement until "after the break," a line that Seacrest used to build suspense for all those years hosting "American Idol" when it was time for commercials.

I was a little surprised that Seacrest said he plans to commute on weekends to his home in Southern California rather than go all in and stay in New York City, where the show is produced. He apparently needs to stay in his comfort zone just like the president who spends weekends in Florida.

Seacrest has had so much experience on live programs and is as breezy and as comfortable on air as Channel 2's Kevin O'Connell. He should hold his own sharing a show with Ripa. Surprisingly, he did appear slightly nervous at times and brought some notes with him to lead discussions. But I imagine, this TV marriage will work out just fine – even if "SNL" eventually parodies it.





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