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Letter: Killing unborn babies is today’s Holocaust

Killing unborn babies is today’s Holocaust

Having been born into a large German Catholic family in 1940, during the Nazis’ intended extermination of the Jews, I appreciated The News’ interviews with a number of Holocaust-era survivors.

Had my family lived in any of the countries occupied by the Nazis, I know my mother would have tried to help the Jewish families. Catholics have had to make their own way in the U.S., with only one Catholic-elected president who was killed before his term was completed. Catholics who adhere to the church’s moral codes are still being persecuted today.

My question is: Why do so few care about today’s Holocaust? As a New Yorker, the very thought of Gov. Andrew Cuomo enacting a reproductive Health Care Act (S-438) that proclaims abortion a fundamental right in New York State is abhorrent. Cuomo’s view is far removed from my Catholic understanding of life.

Abortion is undeniably today’s Holocaust. Planned Parenthood alone is guilty of killing 300,000 human beings annually. This horrific extermination has been going on for not seven or eight years but for 44 years.

Shame on the judges in 1973 and shame on Bill and Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, who have accepted and promoted the lie of killing God’s children as a constitutional right under the guise of women’s health. God gave us women, the greatest gift of all, and many say: No thank you, God.

Karen A. Flumerfeldt


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