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Letter: Firing squad seems more humane than lethal drugs

Firing squad seems more humane than lethal drugs

Personally, I’m fine with each state or the nation altogether doing away with capital punishment. It seems we are still very divided in our values and in the debate as to whether there is any benefit to society. But for now our civilization still holds that it is up to each state to carry out justice as it sees fit. My question is: Why have we turned the execution of the condemned into a medical event? Again last month we witnessed questions and different versions of what happens when lethal injections are the method. So why is a firing squad not being used? I really don’t understand.

For myself, if given the choice of firing squad, hanging, electric chair or lethal injection, I would choose firing squad. Death is instantaneous and seems the most compassionate and efficient. What am I missing? This is an awful business, regardless.

David Casassa


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