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City Hallways (May 2) How a budget announcement turned to tornado talk

An insider briefing

Here's how Budget Day works in City Hall.

It started at 2 p.m. Monday, when Mayor Brown invited a room full of people to his outer office. There were Council members, department heads, and block clubs leaders as well as the Peacemakers, an anti-violence group that gets city funding.

Schools Superintendent Kriner Cash and a couple people on his staff were also there.

The media was invited too.

First up, Brown gave a power point to the attentive crowd.

There were numbers. Pie Charts. Cost estimates. Tax rates. Spending. More spending. Revenue. More revenue.

The presentation lasted about 20 minutes.

The media asked a few budget-related questions, including about the tax rate that isn't going up; and the new anti-speeding traffic calming measures that are.

The mayor left, but others remained, including Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak,  who offered his own update.

On the weather.

There's a tornado watch, he said. And the city's ready.

Budding artists

The artwork of budding Picassos, Chihulys and Monets are on display on the first floor of City Hall.

The mini-masterpieces were created by the youngest students of Buffalo Public Schools for the "50th Annual Prekindergarten Art Show."

Each piece in the collection was inspired by the works of famous artists and showed how the youngsters interpreted them.

Here's an example.

The exhibit runs through May 31.

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