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Letter: Promoting Christian agenda in schools won’t fix the world

Promoting Christian agenda in schools won’t fix the world

The letter stating that bringing the Bible into schools is the only answer to solving present-day perceived maladies is a simplistic approach to reining in the complexity of human nature. Far better to teach a strong civics/history/science curriculum and teach critical thinking, than to inculcate an approach that seeks to hammer down all the nails into a warped board of ideology.

I do not see pushing a Christian agenda as any solution to making the world a better place, if historical example is studied. If you disagree with me, go to the library and look at the histories of Western civilization and look at how people were treated under the close intertwining of faith and state, and the concomitant results. Take a look at the present-day religious struggles in the Middle East and parts of Asia, and look at a dispassionate study of the reformation and the counter-reformation.

If you want the Bible in schools, by all means, go to a religious school that supports your beliefs and is supported by your choice to donate to. Religious freedom not only means the freedom to be a part of a religion of your personal choice, it also means the freedom to not have a religion or religious belief imposed upon you, with the aid and support of any government in this republic.

Tom Druelinger

East Aurora

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