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Front page, April 30, 1917: Buffalo woman uses stove poker on husband who called her names

Here are some highlights from the Buffalo Evening News of April 30, 1917:

* American militia units were officially on their way to the European front. When the U.S. entered World War I on April 6, the Allies immediately requested troops to help fight as the Allied armies were dwindling after many years of fighting.

* An explosion at Buffalo Dry Dock, located at the foot of Ganson Street, resulted in one fatality as a man saved the lives of his fellow workers. One worker struck the side of a tank of acetylene gas with a wrench, which caused the gas to start burning. George Weidinger dragged the sizzling tank from a small wooden building in the yards in an effort to save the lives of his fellow workers. He was blown 20 feet away and died immediately.

* A Metcalfe Street woman faced assault charges after she beat her husband with a stove poker. The woman said, in her defense, "My husband came home, after having a few drinks, and started to abuse me and call me names. So I got after him with the poker." When the husband told the judge he didn't want his wife punished, the judge suspended the sentence and the couple left the courtroom together.

Here's the front page of the Buffalo Evening News from April 30, 1917:

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