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Letter: Program is right to require graduates to remain in state

Program is right to require graduates to remain in state

I was greatly disturbed, but not surprised, by some students’ rejection of New York’s free tuition program solely because of the requirement that after graduating, they must remain in the state for the same number of years that they received the award.

First, I commend the governor and lawmakers for finally making this benefit available to qualifying residents. Growing up in the boomer generation, I was given false hope that our state lottery was going to fund students’ college education.

It is wonderful to see our state tax dollars and countless losing lottery tickets actually providing this. I wholeheartedly support the residency requirement. This is a New York State benefit available to our residents and should remain so.

Our brave women and men who have served in our military for four or more years to help fund their education totally “get” this. I applaud my son and so many others who risked their own lives at times for their country and for the hope that a higher education brings.

Our country has survived knowing that freedom isn’t free. Anything of value is worth working with all your heart to obtain. Our young military veterans work hard for four years before receiving these benefits.

I encourage all New York State college students starting their “free” education this fall – funded by my and so many others’ tax dollars – to learn all they can and work as hard as they can.

Finally, when our applaudable state colleges have taught you, give back your knowledge and hard work to the state that helped fund your education.

Tom Ivancic


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