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Letter: Panel forfeited chance to revive the East Side

Panel forfeited chance to revive the East Side

Once again the East Side of Buffalo is left to rot in a sea of neglect and disregard! As a former resident of the East Side and Polonia, born and raised there during the area’s heyday, I am dismayed at how our legislators and planners continue to ignore an entire area of the city.

There is no foresight in locating the train station downtown. The old Buffalo Central Terminal is a historic jewel, a stone’s throw away from the revitalized Canalside, yet a world away in appearance and renewal. Officials are throwing away a unique opportunity to revitalize and unite a forgotten neighborhood into the rising Phoenix that is Buffalo. They owe it to the people residing there to have an equal opportunity for a safe, wholesome life and home.

This is a perfect opportunity to tie our city to other cities to the east and west via the old terminal site and perhaps revitalize the market into an international market, as is seen in our population. This could be the stimulus for other projects, perhaps rebuilding a new store at 998 Broadway for department-style shopping. There is a need for affordable housing for our young people and new citizens (remember we were all once newcomers to this county and city) and we all know there is plenty of room there for redevelopment on the many empty lots.

As a destination, all this could renew a dying area and culture both for Buffalo residents and travelers via the railroad. We could tie into the existing but unused rail system that surrounds our city for easy access to downtown and all areas of the city. We have so many cultures here in Buffalo and could celebrate that in a coming together of all cultures.

The old Central Terminal site could have been the impetus for the rebirth of another neighborhood and the continued growth of Buffalo. Shame on these officials for their disregard!

Sharon Zakrzewski DePerro

East Aurora

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