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Letter: Obama should decline high-paid offers to speak

Obama should decline high-paid offers to speak

Former President Barack Obama will be paid $400,000 at a conference organized by Cantor Fitzgerald LP. The organizer is involved in the worldwide marketing of U.S. government securities and works closely with the Federal Reserve. I’m sure that Obama will be a fascinating speaker.

Harry Truman, after leaving the presidency, was asked to speak at a major function for compensation, and declined. He said: They don’t want me; they want the former president of the United States. Truman said the presidency was not for sale.

Obama, prior to his election as president, was a college professor and U.S. senator for a partial term. Obama was a good professor, senator and president. He was never asked to speak anywhere as a financial expert. Cantor Fitzgerald is not interested in Obama, but interested in obtaining the former U.S. president to address this international conference and enhance its profits.

Truman was right; the office of the presidency must never be for sale.

Harvey Brody


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