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Letter: Make Trump front the money to build his stupid border wall

Make Trump front the money to build his stupid border wall

We all know we have a serial pathological liar in the White House. He has not given “the wall” any detailed thought past the simple campaign slogan that helped get this con artist elected. “Don’t worry, Mexico will pay for the wall.” He is now proposing that money be included in the budget to get a “head start” on this ridiculous wall. Taxpayers’ money, not Mexico’s or his money.

He loves saying “great” when talking about himself and “terrible disaster” when talking about others. So, here is a great idea for him to stop this con that “Mexico will pay for wall.” Before requiring the American people to front the money for this wall, why doesn’t the “I’m really rich” guy put $1 billion of his own money into an escrow account. If Mexico hasn’t reimbursed the USA at least 75 percent of the cost of the wall within five years, then his $1 billion goes into the wall account.

Congress and taxpayers demanding this as a requirement before any taxpayer money is appropriated would stop this con artist’s ridiculous idea dead in its tracks. Let’s better spend the $25 billion (at least – all construction projects like this go way over budget) on infrastructure of our roads and bridges.

Jim Migliore


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