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Letter: FDR showed how much can be done in 100 days

FDR showed how much can be done in 100 days

As President Trump’s first 100 days – or as he puts it “ridiculous standard” – ends, I’ve thought of the first 100 days of FDR. His accomplishments in the Great Depression gave heart to a nation suffering from 25 percent unemployment.

The legislation that Roosevelt signed into law during his first 100 days became the basis for the New Deal: the Emergency Banking Act, the Economy Act, the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Federal Emergency Relief Act, the Agricultural Adjustment Act, the Emergency Farm Mortgage Act, the Tennessee Valley Authority Act, the Truth in Securities Act, the Home Owners Loan Act, the National Industrial Recovery Act, the Glass-Steagall Banking Act, the Farm Credit Act and the Railroad Coordination Act.

It seems to me to be a list of outstanding accomplishments that helped pull this country from total disaster.

Richard Gubernick


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