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Letter: Congress has to take health care seriously

Congress has to take health care seriously

It has been weeks since the Republican alternative to Obamacare failed to make it to a vote in Congress. For seven years, I have heard the Republicans describing Obamacare as a terrible piece of legislation, a nightmare, a system that would soon fall under its own weight. Fifty or so times they voted unsuccessfully to end it.

Then the 2016 election put them in the driver’s seat and the replacement they came up with failed to satisfy even their own members. Think about it: they had seven years to craft the perfect health care act and it fell apart in a matter of days.

What I draw from all this is that they spent all their energy shouting and very little doing the hard work of writing a good law. Health care, I have been told, constitutes one-sixth of the national economy, so Congress must take it very seriously. People’s lives depend on it.

David Irvin


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