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Letter: Apology should include playing of Polish music

Apology should include playing of Polish music

Most Polish-Americans grew up hearing maligning insults from sideliner peers and adults. For us it was never humor; neither was Morning Bull’s Dyngus Day harassment. This taunting causes young Pol-Ams to deal with shame, according to Notre Dame sociologist Leonard Chrobot. Many of their U.S. elders conceal their identities.

“All in jest.” Is the radio show preparing anti-black cracks for Martin Luther King Day, Jewish digs on a Holocaust anniversary or cranking up a verbal gay bash for Buffalo Pride? No, it’s not funny.

A full apology would be an entire radio morning of pro-Polish rock and classical music. However, maybe the station has a problem with 40,000 to 50,000 people having street fun without one arrest.

Rev. Dr. Czeslaw M. Krysa


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