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Letter: Amherst town clerk does an excellent job

Amherst town clerk does an excellent job

As someone who has utilized the Town Clerk’s Office in Amherst on a number of occasions, I have never known the clerk to behave in the manner described by the woman seeking the death certificate. Marjory Jaeger has done a great job as town clerk in Amherst and, as a senior citizen, I can tell you that I appreciate several changes she has brought about. She extended our handicapped parking tags from three years to five years. She even brought my friend’s car around for her when the weather was bad when she came in to pay her taxes. Now that’s customer service at its finest.

I find it very hard to believe that Jaeger or her staff would treat anyone poorly. The article clearly stated who was entitled to the death certificate and “nieces” weren’t on the list. It seems the woman was going to keep bullying people until she got her way.

Patricia Radtke


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