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Letter: Let’s all pitch in and help clean trash from landscape

Let’s all pitch in and help clean trash from landscape

It is so welcoming to have spring here. The weather is warming, the birds are chirping and the flowers are presenting their buds as a preview for what is to come. Another sign of spring is the trash that was hidden under the snow and is now in full view. Even sadder, the trash that keeps popping up daily like new weeds.

Can we take the same amount of enthusiasm we put into our lawns and gardens and rid the trash that splashes the landscape? I made a comment to someone a while back about all the trash I see and the response was that the wind blows the trash out of the garbage cans and dumpsters. Wow, let’s blame nature. I’m sure it’s partially true, but that’s an excuse. Much is from individuals who discard meal and drink containers along with other items instead of properly throwing them away.

After I picked up trash in my neighborhood, a man with his own garbage offered to throw mine away along with his. That was nice. If he has children, I bet he is teaching them not to litter. If everyone could police the surrounding area by filling a bag with the man-made weeds, we would have Western New York cleaned up in no time. Don’t wait for someone else. Be the bigger person. Show how it is done and keep our part of the world beautiful.

Christina Scalise


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