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Letter: Downtown train station is shortsighted decision

Downtown train station is shortsighted decision

A recent News article cites Cincinnati’s Union Terminal as a possible model for reuse of our Central Terminal. Besides now housing museums and a theater, the Cincinnati station has a small Amtrak station. That is precisely what Central Terminal could have.

Also, inexplicably left out of The New’s editorial justifying the decision to place the station downtown to be close to various attractions is the fact that travelers from western states will still be arriving in Depew, and those in Buffalo who want to travel west will also have to use that secondary location. And where will the future of high-speed rail connect? As of now, it will be at the shack in Depew.

Central Terminal is not “the sentimental favorite.” It would have been the smart, imaginative, future-centered choice. The decision to place a new station downtown is shortsighted.

Wayne Geist


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