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Letter: Collins shares the blame for Trump’s performance

Collins shares the blame for Trump’s performance

In a recent News article, Rep. Chris Collins was bemoaning the president’s incredibly slow pace of filling judgeships. Another article indicated that the attorney general does not have a single U.S. attorney in place. Earlier, The News reported the critical lack of public health officials. Other sources indicated that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson still doesn’t have a full staff or filled ambassadorships. The departments of Treasury, Commerce, Homeland Security and Defense appear similarly understaffed.

What has befallen the executive branch of government? There are only two explanations for this observation; neither is comforting. One, the administration deliberately chooses to undermine government. Or, two, the administration is not up to the task of leading.

As Congress’ first endorser and chief apologist for President Trump, Collins shares credit for the president’s dubious performance. Surely Trump’s vetting must have uncovered his administrative flaws: his total lack of public sector experience, his disdain for following protocols, his ignorance of government process, his disregard for policy directives and his intellectual laziness. Couple that stellar profile with a penchant for surrounding himself with inexpert loyalists, sycophants and family members. Then add a management style based on chaos and factional infighting. The result is the perfect formula for dysfunctional government.

But cheer up, Collins. Just think, in a mere 18 months, you may not have to worry about this any longer. Your political folly does have its consequences at election time. Perhaps you may want to discuss this with the president. I suggest you first check the golf courses to find him.

Thomas Golaszewski, Ed.D.

East Amherst

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