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City Hallways (April 27): Crowd to mayor: We're 'seasoned,' not 'older'

'Seasoned' seniors

"As the City of Buffalo celebrates Older Americans Month ... ," Mayor Byron Brown said Wednesday, speaking to a group of about 50 seniors.

That's when the grumbling started.

"Seasoned!" the audience bellowed, drowning out the mayor.

They kept it up: "Seasoned! Seasoned!"

"Seasoned?" Brown asked with a quizzical expression. After a little more ribbing, it seemed to register with him.

"I got it. I got it. Seasoned. Seasoned. Not older. Seasoned," Brown said.

"Right," they shouted back and applauded

"Is that what you prefer?" the mayor asked.

"Yeah," the crowd cheered.

"OK," Brown said. "Seniors. OK. So, not older Americans. Seniors."

"No! Seasoned seniors," the crowd shot back.

"OK. Seasoned seniors," said the mayor, finally understanding.

The crowd roared approval.

"It is good to see all of these seasoned seniors. I'm a few years from being a seasoned senior myself," joked the 58-year-old mayor.

Still waiting

Preservationists, planners and some neighbors will have to wait a little longer to learn the fate of two groups of buildings that have drawn a lot of attention lately – all because of a glitch in City Hall.

Public hearings were held Tuesday on petitions to make historic districts at 68 and 72 Sycamore St. and at 195, 204 and 225 High St.

But 10 or 15 minutes before the meeting, Council President Darius Pridgen found out from the City Clerk's office that not all of the owners of the buildings had been properly notified of the public hearings on their properties.

So the hearings were adjourned – after speakers for and against the petitions had their say – and will reconvene in two weeks to give all of the owners an opportunity to speak.

What's more, the owner of 68 and 72 Sycamore St.  will be in Housing Court next Thursday.  The buildings were constructed before the Civil War and among the oldest in the city. The owner's requesting an emergency demolition as a way to circumvent the city's recent denial of her demolition request, city officials say.

Back on the grid

City Hallways was off the grid for a couple of weeks while Deidre got familiar with the City Hall beat.
But we're baaaaack.
So check in daily to learn what we're hearing in the halls.

– Sue and Deidre

Today's calendar items

Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency this morning

Food Truck Thursday – first of the season – starting 11 a.m.
We're told there will be 24 trucks participating this year.

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