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Letter: More death, destruction won’t make America great

More death, destruction won’t make America great

I, too, want to see “America great again.” However, there are some unfortunate blemishes that blur this vision.

Some 70 percent of Americans are in favor of the “mother of all bombs” exploded recently in Afghanistan, in spite of much evidence that such bombing only adds to anti-American terrorist recruits. CIA Director Mike Pompeo has vindictively denounced Julian Assange, founding publisher of WikiLeaks, as a “stateless hostile intelligence” doing the “bidding of Russia” and “getting support from anti-democratic countries.” Well, the CIA is certainly no beacon of democracy considering its overthrow of democratically elected governments throughout the world. Nor so intelligently expert when its then director, George Tenet, claimed evidence for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq was “a slam dunk.”

Assange, whose WikiLeaks have shown to be truthful, showed a truly democratic spirit when he reminded world citizens seeking honest information that America’s secret police director has no lawful authority to arrest him, or attack his news publication any more than it does the New York Times, the Washington Post or The Buffalo News for that matter. Following the rule of law is why America and other democracies have supreme courts and independent judiciaries.

Authority and power are not the same. While bombing, death and destruction will show a nation’s military power, America’s real authority is seen by a world willing to cooperate for just and peaceful societies. After World War II, American leadership at the Nuremberg Nazi trials put into place a process whereby international law could work for a world of peace through justice. Holding to that vision now would clearly make America great again.

Ray Peterson


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