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Letter: Higgins, not NYPA, deserves accolades

Higgins, not NYPA, deserves accolades

I visited Canalside the other day and was puzzled by adjacent signage. All around the site, it says, “Generously funded by the New York Power Authority.”

That sure isn’t how I remember it. NYPA “generously” funded nothing; in fact, it did nothing willingly. Congressman Brian Higgins forced NYPA to provide a $300 million settlement to our community. In doing so, Higgins overcame the resistance of many in state government, from NYPA itself to local state lawmakers in office at the time.

The more I thought about it, the more furious I became at NYPA’s arrogance, suggesting that its “generosity” resulted in the success of Canalside and waterfront development.

The fact remains that NYPA makes millions and millions from the sale of Niagara power each year. Anything our Western New York community gets from NYPA is achieved by officials like Higgins, who have forced the authority to pay our community what is rightfully ours.

That sign should read: “Funded by NYPA, after kicking and screaming!”

Kerry A. Zelazny


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