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Letter: Faulty criteria led ‘experts’ to pick poor site for station

Faulty criteria led ‘experts’ to pick poor site for station

The “experts” overthought their selection criteria. There were only two real physical constraints: the station needed to be located on existing track and the Chicago run needed to cross the Buffalo River at one of two existing crossings.

The first selection criteria should have been replacing two small stations with one. That would have led to placing the station east of the “split” somewhere between Larkinville and the Central Terminal.

The second constraint should have been: Do we build new or renovate the old? That would have led to a healthy debate about economic benefits, costs to build connections to other transportation, closeness to downtown, etc. Construction cost considerations should have been downplayed, as this governor has shown a remarkable ability to spend the taxpayers’ money.

That’s it. Instead of a logical decision we will have the same two-station solution when this is done. Isn’t insanity doing the same thing and expecting a different result?

Jim Rudnicki

Lake View

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