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Good news for 'Faith,' no news for WBBZ in spectrum auction

This is what I'm thinking:

The former owner of WIVB-TV isn’t the only media company making millions off the sale of spectrum.

Faith Broadcasting, the owner of the religious channel WNYB-TV, is receiving about $32 million from the Federal Communications Commission for Channel 26's UHF spectrum, or frequencies for communication over the airwaves. It will then move to VHF Channel 5, which the FCC has told Faith will replicate the same coverage area that WNYB has now.

That's according to Mike Daly, the vice president of legal for TCT, which supplies programs to Faith Broadcasting.

In a telephone interview, Daly explained that Faith is getting compensation for the spectrum it is giving to the FCC as part of the commission's advanced wireless band plan. The FCC then is going to sell the spectrum to wireless carriers.

Media General, the former owner of WIVB-TV, received $46 million for the frequency of that station to be used for spectrum. WIVB will remain on the air in a channel-sharing arrangement with its sister station WNLO-TV.

Daly said the money Faith will receive will be used to keep the viewer-supported WNYB on the air.

Phil Arno, the owner of WBBZ-TV, had hoped his station would be part of the spectrum auction sale. But so far, that bonanza -- which would have saved the channel from any past financial losses -- hasn't appeared.

Remember Barbara Pinson, the former Channel 4 reporter? Pinson, an anchor in North Carolina, recently appeared as an anchor in the Fox series "Shots Fired" that more people should be watching. It is a thought-provoking series about an investigation into two murders and how the system treats white and black victims differently. If you haven't watched it yet, I suggest you immediately head to On Demand.

I wish I had the answer to all those Spectrum subscribers who have asked if CBLT-TV is ever going to be carried in high definition so they can have more reason to watch Hockey Night in Canada's coverage of the Stanley Cup playoffs. As much as I still enjoy hearing 83-year-old play-by-play man Bob Cole, I'm not watching CBLT's coverage until it is in high definition on cable.



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