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Repeat rapist blames father's neglect, abuse but still gets 25-to-life

When Leroy Favors Jr. was finishing his sentence in 2010 for raping and sodomizing a woman, he was not a candidate for civil confinement.

The records of that hearing when the decision was made were sealed and may have been destroyed.

But according to statements in Erie County Court this week, the decision not to keep holding Favors was based largely on testimony from a counselor who worked with him in prison.

Favors was released on parole in May 2010.

The matter of those records was introduced Friday during a hearing on whether Favors should be considered a persistent felony offender when he was sentenced on three new convictions of rape, aggravated sexual abuse and assault.

Leroy Favors Jr. was sentenced to three terms of 25 years to life after being judged a persistent felony offender.

A jury in 2016 convicted Favors, 57, of a brutal attack on a woman he had invited to his Hertel Avenue apartment.

The hearing did not go as expected. Instead of fighting the designation, Favors readily admitted to Judge Michael Mohun that he was guilty of all the crimes.

Among his offenses: When he was 21, he broke into the house of two neighbor women, ages 76 and 93, ripped their nightgowns off, raped them and stole their wedding rings.

When he was  29, he attempted to sexually assault a female cousin and was convicted of attempted sexual abuse.

Then came the 1996 attack. He barricaded a woman in his apartment and, when she tried to call for help, he choked her with the phone cord before raping and sodomizing her.

“I admit on the record that I do have a horrible past and I am responsible for everything on this paper,” Favors told the judge.

But he said he wanted a chance to explain himself.

Mohun gave him leave to do so, which led to an unusual, long and detailed account from the now ailing middle-aged sex offender about a violent past.

Favors said the crimes began as a rebellion against a father who abandoned him. Favors told how his father constantly cheated on his mother, started two other families with other women and even named another son Leroy Favors III.

"That really stung," he said.

On the occasions when he would see his father, he said, it was for the older man to introduce him to a world of crime and violence. His father was a pimp, he said.

“He would take me with him. I saw him put guns to people’s heads, I saw him break a woman’s nose,” Favors said.

Eventually, he said, his father’s world won out over the hardworking, church-going life that his mother had tried to make for him.

“It’s not right what I did,” Favors said. “I should have been dead for what I did.”

But despite his admissions, Favors told Mohun that he was “100 percent not guilty” of the most recent crime.

"If I did it, I'd admit it," he said.

After giving Favors the better part of an hour to have his say, it was the judge’s turn.

“It is in the public interest that no longer should any woman, any person, be subject to the violent behaviors of Leroy Favors,” Mohun said.

He pronounced a sentence of 25 years to life in prison on each of the three convictions, leaving Favors ineligible for release again until he is at least 80 years old.

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