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NFL Draft Position Grades: Offensive line

[2017 Draft Rankings: WR | QB | RBTE | OL | CB | S | LB | DT | Edge]

Class Grade: C. If the assessment focused only on guards, this grade would be higher, perhaps up to a B+. However, because it includes tackles, the grade reflects what is widely considered the weakest position in the draft. Finding immediate, or even eventual, starters in this bunch won’t be easy. After Ramczyk and Bolles, who appear to be the only surefire first-rounders at tackle, and Robinson, who is a late first- or early second-round projection, the drop off is significant. Meanwhile, at least one guard, Lamp, looks like a first-round selection, and three others (Feeney, Johnson and Asiata) have Day Two rankings.

Day One

Ryan Ramczyk, Wisconsin, 6-6, 310 pounds

Garett Bolles, Utah, 6-5, 297 pounds

Forrest Lamp, Western Kentucky, 6-4, 309 pounds

Day Two

Cam Robinson, Alabama, 6-6, 322 pounds

Dion Dawkins, Temple, 6-4, 314 pounds

Dan Feeney, Indiana, 6-4, 305 pounds

Dorian Johnson, Pittsburgh, 6-5, 300 pounds

Isaac Asiata, Utah, 6-3, 323 pounds

Taylor Moton, Western Michigan, 6-5, 319 pounds

Day Three

Julie'n Davenport, Bucknell, 6-7, 318 pounds


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