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Letter: Wyoming County has solid, vibrant economy

Wyoming County has solid, vibrant economy

Unfortunately a recent News article, supposedly about Trump voters, leaves readers with an extremely inaccurate picture of Wyoming County. The decision to place two pictures of food bank recipients on the front page was apparently designed to reinforce the conclusion that Wyoming County is a “struggling rural county” apparently populated by avaricious bumpkins too feckless to understand their self-interest. For the record, the food pantry in question is supported by many donations of our citizens and no questions are asked of recipients.

In addition to our strong agricultural economy, we have a vibrant and advanced manufacturing sector. Our almost 50 companies and over 1,500 businesses employ over 16,000 people. Of the eligible labor force, 95 percent are employed and despite seasonal fluctuations, the average unemployment rate is 4.5 percent. We are working hard to establish businesses that will attract people here and improve the lives of our residents. We proudly say 76 percent of our population have their own homes and the average household income is over $55,000, with 55 percent making more.

We have a strong tourism business sector, which welcomes over a million visitors from across the world, and employs hundreds of residents. Our schools, arts and cultural programs are to be envied and we actively support programs to foster these activities.

A recent health outcomes study, which examined a comprehensive view of quality of life, lifestyles, education and medical facilities, rated Wyoming County 25th out of 62 counties in New York, while Erie and Niagara counties were rated 50th and 58th, respectively.

Mark H. Dadd

Chairman, Wyoming County IDA

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