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Letter: Time to stop being lazy and pick up your trash

Time to stop being lazy and pick up your trash

As children, we are taught to clean up after ourselves. Therefore, why as adults do we need to relearn this rule? On my commute home I pass a sign that reads, “Keep Amherst Beautiful.” Ironically, the first time I noticed that sign I saw a blue plastic bag in the field following it. Littering is one of the most common crimes committed, as well as one of the most harmful. Littering destroys natural ecosystems and harms animals living in them. Children are taught to clean up after themselves, but in this case adults are the ones who need to learn a lesson.

I am a cashier at a fast-food chain. Oftentimes when handing people a receipt, they let it fall to the ground. They reply with, “It’s fine.” It is not fine. It is laziness, and it creates a mess.

Earth Day served as a reminder that it is time we put our trash in the trash. Some people have accepted the ludicrous notion that we do not need to clean up our trash because others do not clean up theirs. This is a mob-mentality that will lead to a loss of beauty, as well as a loss of life, that will never be forgotten. Consider what you could or could not do today.

Lawrence Charles


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