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Letter: Changes to Slow Roll will improve the ride

Changes to Slow Roll will improve the ride

Slow Roll will be starting on Monday. I have been working with leader Seamus Gallivan and city officials on some of the problems experienced last year. One of the changes we agreed on is that the ride will no longer interfere with buses. Slow Roll will primarily start from parking lots unless residents agree to host it. Be aware that if you host Slow Roll, you will not be able to drive on your street for one to two hours. Make any necessary preparations ahead of time. If you encounter Slow Roll and need to get through, just contact one of the assistants or a police officer and he will stop the ride to let you through.

There are still some problems remaining that need to be corrected. People who drive to Slow Roll starting points often park illegally. They have parked in front of driveways, fire hydrants and on both sides of the street. Parking on both sides of the street creates a hazard because it essentially creates a one-way street. An emergency vehicle would not be able to get down the street if traffic was approaching in the opposite direction. I have been working with Gallivan and the Police Department to prevent this from happening again.

I have created a website,, and I will bring any problems reported to Gallivan’s attention and we will work to correct them. So far, I have been very encouraged by the changes made by Slow Roll.

Debra Wesp


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