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Murray knew he needed to find Sabres' perfect fit

When communication became of one of Terry Pegula’s buzzwords, it reminded me of the day Tim Murray fired Ted Nolan.

The Sabres’ general manager knew he had to get it right with his next coach.

“You have to find a perfect fit to be really successful, and maybe it just wasn’t a perfect fit,” Murray said after firing Nolan in April 2015. “That doesn’t make it bad. It just wasn’t a perfect fit.

“Am I going to find a perfect fit? If I don’t and I’m doing this again next year, then somebody else will get to make that decision when the perfect fit that I’m supposed to be isn’t the perfect fit, and I understand that.”

Murray didn’t “do this again” the next year, but it was just two years later. Communication in the organization hadn’t improved with Dan Bylsma behind the bench. In some cases – most notably player relations – it got worse.

So when Bylsma got the boot, so did Murray. There just wasn't a perfect fit in Pegula's eyes.

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