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Letter: We should all be able to share our opinions

We should all be able to share our opinions

It is hard to sit in a room when you are being attacked for thinking a certain way. Not being attacked in the sense that you are called out and chastised in front of everyone. But attacked in a way that you are the only one who knows you are being attacked. And if you attempt to engage in a conversation, most will dismiss you.

Being in law school has shown me that you are allowed to have an opinion and speak freely about that opinion as long as it is in line with most people. Speak out against the prevailing opinion and you will be made to feel guilty, like you did something wrong.

Case in point: I noticed a friend from school walk in to class with a “Make America Great Again” hat. I didn’t think anything of it. Why would I? Then I overheard the students behind me say, “I can’t believe he is wearing that in this school.” Yet, a few months earlier, one of the students was passing around stickers with Hillary Clinton’s face on them in a class where the professor dressed up as Clinton for Halloween. Why is it OK for one and not the other?

I generally don’t talk about politics or my thoughts on life at school or work. It is not because I am trying to hide those beliefs, but because I know I would be looked at differently. But isn’t that bias in and of itself?

Zak Persichini


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