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Letter: Citizens’ wishes have been ignored yet again

Citizens’ wishes have been ignored yet again

Well, here we go again. The majority of people in every poll favor the Central Terminal, however, it’s been decided that the new train station will be put downtown, possibly under a Thruway bridge. Classy for sure.

A SUNY Buffalo State transportation engineer says people “don’t want to be left off in the middle of nowhere.” Really? Since most visitors arrive by air, what a horrible mistake it was to place the airport in Cheektowaga while it obviously belongs on Elmwood Avenue.

Mayor Byron Brown cannot be taken seriously since during his last election, his campaign showed the construction and cranes over the Pegulas’ projects, as if he was the reason it was happening.

I think the fix was in from the beginning, and the sheep are once again being led by lies, untruths and double talk. Thank goodness I retire in eight years and I’ll be out of New York. We have a representative government, so why don’t lawmakers start representing the people and not themselves?

Ronald Hensel


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