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Jerry Sullivan's Power Take: Thames' power surge brews suspicion from Cubs

Talk about a comeback player. Milwaukee's Eric Thames, who as of Monday led the majors in home runs (8) and slugging (.828), came back to the U.S. after spending three years playing in South Korea, and until this year hadn't appeared in a big-league game since 2012.

Naturally, people are suspicious. Cubs starter John Lackey and pitching coach Chris Bosio hinted that performance-enhancing drugs might be a factor in Thames' power breakthrough at age 30.

But if they're pointing fingers, the Cubs could point to the entire sport. From 2014-2016, while Thames was becoming a smarter hitter in Korea, homers in MLB rose 35 percent, back to steroid-era levels.

The Cubs' homers spiked by 45 percent while Thames was overseas. Sure, they upgraded the roster, but it's only fair to speculate. Have they forgotten that ace hurler Jake Arrieta faced similar PED rumors when his career took off?

The Brewers cut Chris Carter, who tied for last year's NL home run lead, to sign Thames. Evidently, they felt his MVP performance in Korea was legit. The Cubs should stop throwing stones and stick to baseballs.

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