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Letter: Which specific regulations do banks want eliminated?

Which specific regulations do banks want eliminated?

In the April 19 paper there was a lengthy article about Robert Wilmers of M&T Bank, wherein he complains at length about government regulation as an impediment to small business growth with not a single detail. This is and has been the mantra of many businessmen and numerous (mostly Republican) political figures.

While I have no doubt that a regulation designed to cover the entire country or state may be unnecessary in a specific instance, it would be helpful to skeptics like me and the public at large (and might gain our support) if one or two such specific regulations would be cited as targets for elimination whose absence would not be detrimental to the health and welfare of the public.

Wilmers and those he cited apparently have some specific regulation(s) in mind and I would ask that they enlighten the rest us.

Richard S. Usen


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