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Letter: Trump supporters don’t realize they were conned

Trump supporters don’t realize they were conned

Is it revealing that we have a group of people waiting at a food pantry espousing their devotion to President Trump? Don’t they understand that they have been conned by the most vile, narcissistic, self-centered, profligate liar who has ever occupied the White House? In his first 100 days, what has he accomplished? Nothing.

His immigration stance was a fiasco, health care reform was shot down and he dropped missiles on Syria (it used the airport the next day). The big bomb accomplished what?

It amazes me that the Trumpers don’t get it. No matter how many examples you demonstrate of this man’s incompetence, they don’t care or simply don’t understand that they were the victims of a con game by a very proficient grifter.

You were the mark. What is it you don’t get? Do some thoughtful research and you find out that you and our country have been had.

Jim Banko


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