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Letter: Tielman’s experience should be respected

Tielman’s experience should be respected

I am old. I can remember a time in this country when ordinary citizens found experts whose ideas the people trusted. You voted for politicians not because they held your beliefs, but because you knew that the politician was brighter than you and could navigate whatever needed navigating to get accomplished what was best for the future of all citizens. Now, we live in an imaginary world where every idea is “equal” to every other idea. This world was created when our government taught us that all men are not created equal, but that all men are equal. Experts who have spent their lives studying an issue become just another citizen with an equal opinion.

I do not wish for saints. Rep. Brian Higgins is a saint. He has made Buffalo what it is today. But, a saint is defined by his faith. Higgins’ faith in Buffalo and his legislative prowess enabled his faith to become law.

When we move a bit away from saints, we get into those bright leaders who sweat their way into dragging Buffalo to its lofty position – leaders like Mark Goldman.

But if you want to find an expert with decades of experience in the marriage between historical architecture and the people, look no further than Tim Tielman. Whatever he says we should do is what we should do. Though he is not a saint, I have blind faith in Tielman.

We certainly have to respect Higgins’ faith in miracles. He believes in the miracle that if you throw enough money at a neighborhood, the lives of the people living there will improve. He is wrong.

Michael Miano


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