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Letter: Let’s put environment over corporate profits

Let’s put environment over corporate profits

Firstly, thanks to The News for its coverage of the fight of Western New Yorkers against the Northern Access pipeline. As many are aware, the State Department of Environmental Conservation denied the water permit for the project, which stopped the pipeline and the compressors and dehydrator that would have gone with the project.

It is sad to say that National Fuel is acting as if this decision was never handed down and is harassing local New Yorkers, our neighbors, by continuing to take them to court and push the idea of eminent domain to take land from them. Eminent domain should only be used in limited circumstances and when a project is proven to be absolutely beneficial to the community. This project does not fit that criteria. We need to stand up for the landowners’ rights and not allow corporations to abuse their power.

Holly Dawson

North Tonawanda

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