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Letter: Last thing U.S. needs is to start another war

Last thing U.S. needs is to start another war

As I had my morning coffee, I watched an interview with Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina. He stated that because North Korea may have the ability in a couple of years to fire a missile that could hit the U.S., it would be better to have a pre-emptive strike. Starting a war, he says, would be bad for Korea, China and Japan. But good because we would not fight on our soil?

Graham should know we already have war here in America. In Chicago, Houston and New Orleans, more people have died as victims of violent crime since 2009 than have died as a result of the Iraq War. Look at the cost of war – we are broke! As our leaders bow to the military-industrial complex, and make money in the stock market, our own cities and people are in trouble.

How about this: build bridges and sewer systems, fight drugs, fund Social Security, keep tax levels where they are and pay down federal debt. America first! If we are attacked, no one would blame us for bombing North Korea off the face of the map. But until then, it is starting to look like we are the world’s new dictator, with a president who is a mad bomber.

Daniel R. Weaver

West Seneca

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