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Letter: First-time homebuyers having little luck in city

First-time homebuyers having little luck in city

I fell in love yesterday. I think my husband did, too. It was a beautiful pine green two-story in the heart of the city. Bay windows, wide open garden and a kitchen to die for. We had four hours to make a decision. This time we were determined to submit our very best offer. So we did, and then we waited – and we were outbid. Again.

It’s hard to swallow that the city we love so much doesn’t seem to love us back. My husband makes a living in economic development. He has literally devoted his life to rejuvenating this area, and the recent economic resurgence of Buffalo has done miraculous things for us, both professionally and personally.

However, this new growth has brought upon a new challenge for first-time homebuyers like us. We often get together with friends, many of whom are also newly married professionals, and collectively bemoan the fact that we can’t seem to get our footing in this real estate market. Close calls, missed opportunities and horror stories of cash offers pepper our conversations.

We keep asking ourselves: How many heartbreaks can we handle? How many times do we need to have our hopes dashed before we give up? Buffalo, we love you so much, we want just a little piece of you for ourselves. What do you say? Can’t part with much? About 1,600 square feet will do.

Gabrielle Balderman


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