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Letter: Downtown location has a lot in its favor

Downtown location has a lot in its favor

Over the past several weeks, much has been written about building a train station in Buffalo. Architects, preservationists, economic development professionals and public officials have lent their voices to this discussion.

Unlike all of the aforementioned professionals, I have a unique perspective of the traveler, the tourist, the restless spirit who embarks on an adventure to come to a city such as Buffalo to see what there is to see and do what one does when arriving at that next destination on the tracks.

Therefore, my perspective may be the most relevant to the discussion. I am a well-seasoned traveler by any objective measure. After having visited three continents, 19 countries and nearly 150 cities, I have insights and a broad perspective on our country and the world. Many of my travels in Europe and North America have involved train travel.

All this relates to locating a train station in downtown Buffalo. Travel destinations such as Venice, Amsterdam and Denver showcase their train stations where at least one of three factors come into play: 1) near a body of water; 2) in their respective downtowns near entertainment venues; or 3) tied into a light rail system.

A downtown Buffalo location has all three of those factors going for it. Placing the train station elsewhere would be a disservice to any traveler coming to the Queen City for the first and hopefully not the last time. Just ask travelers their thoughts when they currently arrive at the Depew location and expect more.

Daniel Rivera

Niagara Falls

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