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Letter: Don’t turn back clock on equal rights for all

Don’t turn back clock on equal rights for all

The First Amendment Defense Act, or FADA, is a proposed bill that is looking to allow religious clergy and government officials the right to deny goods and services to individuals who represent any lifestyle or character in disobedience to their religious beliefs without any sort of penalty.

In short summary, if passed, this bill would give people the right to discriminate against the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ+) community. I am asking that my representatives do not support this legislation and advocate against it, for fear it will be brought back into the House of Representatives for a vote.

President Trump and Vice President Pence avidly support FADA. As a gay woman, I am terrified of what this legislation could do to my well-being. There are already numerous injustices committed against the LGBTQ+ community daily and that I face as a minority individual. Just a few weeks ago, my girlfriend and I were turned down by three landlords during our search for a new home. These landlords were very interested in having us move in until they found out that we were not just friends, but a couple. With discrimination still happening in the housing market, an anti-gay piece of legislation will propel us further into the past.

Trump and Pence are a menacing duo who hope for a chance to again ban gay marriage and implement FADA within their term. Again, I am asking legislators to vote “no” to FADA when it comes to committee in this congressional term. Voting “no” to FADA is voting “yes” to equality, freedom and justice.

Samantha Steves


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