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Letter: Consider constituents in train station debate

Consider constituents in train station debate

Amid the constant debate about the new Amtrak station, it seems that the discussion is mainly about visitors to Buffalo and what would be best for them. No one seems to mention the residents of Western New York who take the trains daily. I have taken the train across the state many times. My grandsons travel back and forth to college in Boston. I have also traveled to Toledo and Chicago. We often are told that there are no more seats available.

Flying today takes almost all day, no matter where one is going, with parking (quite a charge), arriving two hours early for security and then waiting for the plane.

The downtown train station has no parking, so riders must find a paid parking space and then get a ride back to the station. My daughter received a parking ticket while waiting for her then boyfriend to come in on the train.

It is so nice to drive to the Depew Amtrak station, park my car for free and catch the train. When I come back, my car is there, close by, in the adjacent parking area.

So, I ask those in charge, please consider your own constituents in your decisions. It should not be solely about visitors and bus riders.

Margaret J. Orrange

North Collins

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