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Letter: Catholic schools are doing a wonderful job

Catholic schools are doing a wonderful job

I’d like to add my personal bit of trivia to Sister Carol Cimino’s excellent and enlightening article on Catholic education in the April 13 Another Voice.

I taught in Catholic schools as a Felician sister for many years in Detroit, Mich. As happened for many religious in the late ’60s, I left the convent. I continued to teach in Catholic schools because it was always my vocation to contribute to one of the most amazing educational systems in America. Just check out its history.

I’d like to add two things to sister’s message: The greater percentage of nuns today are elderly and in need of care. Catholic laity support these sisters with the annual appeal to fund their needs.

Secondly, while public school teachers retire with a substantial pension, not so for Catholic lay teachers. Each month when my meager $89.49 comes in the mail from the John Hancock, it is a kind reminder of the years I had the privilege of teaching in Catholic schools. My husband and I are now both retired, and we are burdened with paying public school taxes along with all of those Catholic parents who pay Catholic school tuition as well.

I can only imagine the chaos that would be created if every Catholic school in our area closed, and the enrollment became the responsibility of taxpayers. Something to think about, folks!

Delphine Levesque


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