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Front page, April 21, 1917: 'Sandbagging' of School Board members 'stirs city to indignation'

Here are some highlights from The Buffalo Evening News of April 21, 1917:

* The dismissal of five Buffalo School Board members in a political coup has stirred the city to "indignation." The article reported: "The city has not been stirred in years as it is by the sandbagging of the members of the School Board." The controversy came as a result of a bill that separated the School Board from the Common Council. In an effort to keep some control over the board, Mayor Fuhrmann helped remove several opposing School Board members so that he could appoint new members friendly to him.

* British forces sank two German destroyers near Dover in England. Five German ships were attempting a raid when British patrol boats fired and two of the ships were sunk in five minutes. The rest of the German raiders made off at high speed.

* "Guarding Old Glory," a recruiting film, was being shown in front of The Buffalo Evening News' office on Main Street. The film depicted soldiers from Buffalo's 74th Infantry and Third Artillery, which served at the U.S.-Mexico border. A rally would also take place in an effort to recruit more soldiers for the war effort.

Here's the front page of The Buffalo Evening News from April 21, 1917:

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