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Letter: Stop the senseless killing of babies through abortion

Stop the senseless killing of babies through abortion

Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants to enact the Reproductive Health Care Act (S438) which would proclaim abortion as a fundamental right in New York State. He intends to hide it in a larger bill to get it passed. This bill would not require parental consent, have no limit on government funding of abortions, allow any health care practitioner to perform an abortion and protect late-term abortion law in New York State. This bill defines pregnancy as beginning at implantation versus fertilization and would allow abortion providers to withhold critical information from a mother about her child’s existence. If passed, this bill would deny all state funding to any individual or organization that objects to referring or counseling for abortions.

I am very opposed to abortion. I am advocating for unborn children who have a right to life and not be aborted. It is my belief that every child should have a chance to live and it is not up to anyone to decide that fate. Only God has the authority to decide who should live or die. Even the children conceived out of rape should have the chance to live because it is not their fault how they were conceived. There are many families who would give these children good homes and adopt them. The senseless act of killing our unborn babies needs to stop.

Judith M. Elwell


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