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Letter: Restore police foot patrols in high-crime areas of city

Restore police foot patrols in high-crime areas of city

I lived in the East Lovejoy section of Buffalo most of my life in a home that was built by my grandfather in 1908. Having been robbed by neighbors four times in one year, the doctor recommended I move to a senior citizen apartment. The robberies were reported to the Buffalo Police but they did nothing. My son now lives in my old house, being the fourth generation to live there, while I have moved to an apartment in Lancaster.

I would have liked to see the Central Terminal made into the new Amtrak train station. However, knowing the area, safety for the people using the facility is a concern. I have always enjoyed going to the Broadway Market but after an attempt to mug me in front of the market, I no longer go there. In my opinion, the police need to restore foot patrols in all areas of the city, especially in the high-crime areas.

I support the restoration of the city’s old homes and buildings. Their architecture and construction is superior to many of our new shoebox-design buildings and homes. However, the safety of the people has to be a priority.

Michael P. Sabo


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